EDGI Publications
Application Repository based evaluation of the EDGI infrastructure
Combining Desktop and Service Grids to support e-Scientists to run Simulations
Desktop Grids Opening up to UNICORE
FCM: an Architecture for Integrating IaaS Cloud Systems
How to make desktop grids even more popular?
Hybrid Distributed Computing Infrastructure Experiments in Grid5000: Supporting QoS in Desktop Grids with Cloud Resources
Interoperable Resource Management for Establishing Federated Clouds
Investigating Volunteer Computing for Simul8, a Feasibility Study
Multi-level Brokering Solution for Interoperating Service and Desktop Grids
Porting Computation and Data Intensive Applications to Distributed Computing Infrastructures Incorporating Desktop Grids
Preference Driven Server Selection in Peer-2-Peer Data Sharing Systems
Programming Applications for Desktop Grids
Sandboxing for Desktop Grids Using Virtualization
Scientific Workflow Makespan Reduction Through Cloud Augmented Desktop Grids
SpeQuloS: A Framework towards QoS for BoT Application using Best-Effort Distributed Computing Infrastructures
SpeQuloS: A QoS Service for BoT Applications Using Best Effort Distributed Computing Infrastructures
SpeQuloS: A QoS Service for Hybrid Distributed Computing Infrastructures
Supporting Web 2.0 communities by volunteer desktop grids
Towards Hybrid Desktop Grid and Cloud Infrastructures
Towards a Powerful European DCI Based on Desktop Grids
Web2Grid: desktop grid a Web 2.0 szolgalataban
Workers in the Clouds
A Data Driven Science Gateway for Computational Workflows
Application Repository and Science Gateway for Molecular Docking Simulations
Application Repository and Science Gateway for Running Molecular Docking and Dynamics Simulations
Benchmarking the EDGI Infrastructure
Distributed Computing and Modelling and Simulation: Speeding up Simulations and Creating Large Models
FlyingGrid : from Volunteer Computing to Volunteer Cloud
GBAC: Virtualization based execution environment for Desktop Grids
High Throughput Screening for Ligands and Inhibitors of Carbohydrate Modifying Enzymes
Monitoring UNICORE jobs executed on Desktop Grid resources
Towards Hybridized Clouds and Desktop Grid Infrastructures
Towards a volunteer cloud system
Transparent execution of ARC jobs on Desktop Grid resources